Retractable Seating

The Seating Services retractable seating system is an innovative way to save time, money and space through cutting-edge design and time tested principles. With all the advantages of a fixed seating system, a retractable bleacher allows for comfort and safety while also allowing access to the floor space when not in use.

Each retractable seating system will be structurally sound and custom designed to meet every client’s varying requirements. From 30 to 3000 chairs, we realise each situation is different to the next, and that is why we pride ourselves on our ability to build a system that best suits your situation.

Seating Services has two classes of retractable seating available: The 900 series and the 1000 series with details as shown below. Each system has unique benefits to suit the type of installation required.

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  • Suitable for low to 13px use. Best suited for school halls, gymnasiums and other 13px volume applications.
  • More cost effective than the 1000 series for the budget-conscious client.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Made with plywood decking and riser face, with structural elements consisting of rectangular hollow steel (hidden from sight).

Orewa College, Auckland


  • Suitable for high use situations. Best suited for indoor and outdoor stadiums and other high volume applications.
  • Extremely rugged and built to last.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Made with plywood or aluminium decking, with structural elements and riser faces consisting of high tensile folded steel sections.
  • Lighter than the 900 series.
  • With the use of aluminium chequer plate decking, the 1000 series can be used outdoors.

Vector Arena, Auckland



Decking Options

  • Your choice of carpet.
  • Polyurethane coated hardwood ply.
  • Aluminium anti-slip chequer plate is available on the 1000 series to create a robust outdoor system.

Unit Types

  • The most common is a wall or floor fix option – where the back tier is fixed in place and the rest of the unit opens away from the back leg.
  • Alternatively, mobile units can be created with the addition of a lifting trolley.


  • Your choice of coloured powder coating.
  • Electro-galvanised finish.
  • Hot-dipped galvanising for added protection on outdoor systems.


  • Handrails can be finished in any of the finishes listed above.
  • Handrails can be either self stacking or removable.
  • When required, aisle handrails can be added.
  • All handrails will be manufactured to a high level of safety dictated by international crowd loading standards.

Side Curtains

  • Available in your choice of material (most commonly made from PVC).

Drive Systems

  • Manually operated systems are most cost effective for small systems.
  • Training for operation will be given on project completion.
  • Where large systems require a powered operation, particularly for movable systems, a removable power-caddy system is available.
  • When ease of use is vital, a fully automatic friction-drive system is available for any size of system.


  • A wide range of chairs are available. Ranging from a simple upholstered squab to a fully automated folding chair with cup holders, upholstered backs and cushions, Seating Services has the solution.

Seating when you need it...

Floor space when you don't.

Chair options: Upholstered squabs

Decking options: Polyurethane decks

Chair options: Fully upholstered fold down seat Decking options: Carpet




If you have an existing system we can provide you with an estimate for a service or refurbishment.

We look foward to your product or pricing enquiry, Contact us.


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