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Camatic’s appealing and flexible designs feature a range of materials from metals and sturdy plastic to plush fabrics and the warmth of natural timber. A broad range of seating accessory options for armrests, drink holders, tablets and data outlets is also available.



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 Loose Options

Seating Services now brings you Multi-Purpose Venue Seating from our supplier Sandler Seating. The Sandler Seating System is the result of over 60 years of product development aimed at satisfying the demands of seating audiences, large or small in multi-purpose facilities.

Sandler Seating aims to achieve ease of Mobility and Storage, product Strength and Durability, Flexibility, Comfort and Aesthetics as well as Reduced Operating Costs which are all features of their unique concept.

Sandler Seating have provided Venue Seating for the Archa Theatre(Prague), York Minster(UK), Hartwall Arena(Helsinki), Kipriotis, Madison Square Garden(NYC), Sheffield Arena(UK), Westminster Abbey(UK) and Windsor Castle(UK).

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2000S 2318US 2318WS  
2418 USB 'A' Shape 2418 USB 'B' Shape 2444 USB Tip-Up Seat  
2450 USB      
3400 FSNF 'A' Shape 3400 FSNF 'B' Shape 3400 B Contour 3402 FSAF
3450 FSNF      
3450 B Contour   4400 TSNF Tip-Up Seat 'A' Shape  
4400 TSNF Tip-Up Seat 'B' Shape 4450 TSNF Tip-Up Seat  
4450 Contour Seat   6417 SBWT 7401 UAWT
7417 UWT  

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CT Series Trolley DS Series Trolley  
HT50   HT100/60/72
KH97 S Series SST-Toter

CPT Truck    

Recently Completed Projects:

Media Design School, Auckland

NZ Defence Force College, Trentham

WG Precinct, AUT, Auckland

Unitec, Auckland

Massey University, Palmerston North

Waiariki Institute of Technology, Rotorua

Boyle Building, University of Auckland

Building 206, University of Auckland

AUT Akoranga

AUT City Campus




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